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Offering a wide selection of homemade soup and dip mixes

A Wide Selection of Quality Dry Soups and Dip Mixes

At Thomson Farm, we strive to bring your family the highest-quality soup and dip mixes. Our family crafts the mixes by hand using only the finest ingredients, savory spices, premium vegetables, and great noodles. We take the time to do it right, measuring and mixing all of our soups and dips by hand so you know that your family is always receiving the best of our family.

Our Story

All of our recipes were created with the tender love and care of Linda Thompson. For more than 25 years, she brought her love of the garden and food to these recipes.

Linda and Vern Thompson started the original Thompson Farms. Linda and Vern have shared these great soup and dip mixes with 1000's of customers through craft shows, festivals, small specialty shops, and phone orders over the years.

Several years ago, I had the pleasure to meet Vern and Linda and, over the next year, grew to care for them and enjoy their kindness and warmth. And the smell of their place! Wow. With a background in the food business, I was impressed with their products, processes, and the love and care they put in every mix.

As time went by, Linda's health deteriorated and while I know it was a difficult time for everyone, I got to see first-hand true love at work. Linda passed away in early 2011.

My wife Terry and I met over 30 years ago in the restaurant business. Working together, we gained a tremendous understanding of the relationship between quality, service, and value. I spent the next 30 years working in the food and then retail industry, working closely with customers, to deliver quality products at a fair price. After more than 10 years in the food business, my wife had a new full-time job, caring for our growing family. And grow it did.


I have ten children, two from my first marriage, four together, and we have four adopted children from Russia. We have been truly blessed. My wife also operated a home day care business; she tells me she gets paid to hug and kiss babies!

With Linda's passing, Vern decided it was time to sell Thompson Farms business. Over the next few weeks and many hours in prayer, I approached him about my family taking on the business and doing our best to carry on the great work he and Linda invested over a quarter-century building. My wish was not to let the great knowledge and experience be lost. So one Saturday morning with Linda's handwritten recipes and Vern in a chair near watching over us, my wife and I started Thompson Farm Soups & More LLC.

Following exactly Thompson's processes and recipes, we are bringing these products to you now. Watch for our upcoming dates for shows we will be attending, check in to find out where our products are available, or purchase through our market page.

Our goals are simple: work together to continue to bring a great product to our customers. To make a fair profit from doing it. And maybe by the grace of God to touch some lives and make many new friends and pass on to my children the great heritage Linda and Vern brought to Thompson Farm products. So whether you are looking for a quality meal for your family or a new taste to try out, we look forward to serving you.

Thank you,
The Dennis Family

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