Welcome to Thompson Farm Soups & More. We appreciate the opportunity to share with you some of the best soup and dip mixes ever created.

All of our recipes were created with the tender love and care of Linda Thompson.  For more than 25 years she brought her love of the garden and food to these recipes.  Linda and Vern Thompson started the original Thompson Farms. 

Linda and Vern have shared these great soup and dip mixes with 1000's of customers through craft shows, festivals, small specialty shops and phone orders over the years. 

Following exactly the Thompsons' processes and recipes we are bringing these products to you now.  Watch for our upcoming dates for shows we will be attending, check in to find out where our products are available in the St. Louis area, or purchase through our shopping page.  

So whether you are looking for a new quick easy meal for your family or a new taste to try out we look forward to serving you.  

Thank you, 
  The Dennis Family 

Great Shops Carrying our products: If you ever wonder if God has a sense of humor well.  My lovely wife and I went on a road trip to a bunch of small towns to look for some cool new stores to carry our product.  We decided to go west and headed out WEST to the Mo. Kansas line.  We worked our way back over the next 3 days and visited some cool stores, and saw lots of beautiful downtown areas.  You should try this sometime, be a tourist in your own state.  We dined at some fun places, all mom  and pop places Wow.  We even went to one for dinner, the first thing they put on your table is water glass and home made cinnamon rolls!  Is this a great country or what!   Back to the story.  We left samples with many cool stores, and we look forward to one day having our products in some of these stores.  

Over the next couple of weeks we got calls from 3 places. Interested in carrying our product.  Man am I good or what!  Not really,  we went west, all these stores were no where near where we went.  Illinois, Tennessee, Washington mo.  Ok maybe I am not so good.  But God is truely blessing our company.  Once our product is in place I will let you know so you can go by and shop and have fun.  

The first store is Anher Flowers and Gifts,  it is located in downtown Lebanon Il.  It is a really fun store, lots of cool gifts and a big new area called the pantry with lot's of neat food items including Thompson Farm Soups.   
It is located 120 W Saint Louis St Lebanon Il.  Go by and have fun.  Tell Susie and Dawn we said hi!  

P.S they don't carry dip mixes yet.  But maybe if you ask....
Thank you. 
James & The Dennis Family 

May 20-22   Washington Mo Art & Wine festival
Downtown Washington missouri, great location, great art and wine.  You will meet with and purchase directly from some very gifted artist.  
And ejoy some great samples.  

May 28 - 29  Hannibal Mo. Twain on Main 
This is a cool festival, great Crafts, food, Artisans, and you might even get to see Mr Twain himself!  

May 30    St Charles Mo.   Gypsy Caravan.  
Ok if you have never been to this event it is hard to describe.  A huge event, the family arena will be full, the parking lot full, and antiques, crafts, vintage stuff, great food, and fun.   Come on by,  We are inside on the main floor of the Arena.  

Keep you posted on more dates.  

Thank you, 
The Thompson Farm Soups Team! 

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